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...the roosevelt fire

1st day of deer season
some jackass lit a fire
on a windy hill

it got way out of control

almost burned a stripe
across Wyoming...

torched 61,511 acres
...10 of them are mine by EJ Brooks - Inciweb - 27sept2018

Firstoff, my Thanks & Gratitude for all who faught this fire!
While my modest home was miraculously spared, the beautiful & thriving forest once surrounding it is now pretty much burnt to shit, animals all gone. Who cleans it up?

Due to the sheer magnitude of forestry cleanup needed at home, I simply can't be available much for production work this summer, nor at all after August 1st.

...the old homepage rant...
Rarely will you find people with creative vision as wide open as the Wyoming wilderness. Adventurous free-spirited explorers who refuse to accept traditional intrepid minority among the timid inhabitants of a world in which normality is just another frantic and heavily congested path to what is already so very well known.

Only those who are unafraid to travel far off such a path will ever discover true originality. If you believe in the notion that a person's spirit is reflected in their craft, then it would make little or no sense to look for a craftsman of meek spirit.


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Pinedale, WY 82941
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